Job Description

8 Reasons To Love SEO and Pursue It as a Career

  1. It’s the biggest driver of website traffic, still to this day
  2. It’s as niche and specialist as you want it to be
  3. There is always something to do
  4. Touches on all other digital marketing channels
  5. It teaches you Problem-solving skills
  6. Accessible to all – no qualifications needed
  7. Strong career development
  8. It’s complex and challenging


What does an SEO intern do?

  • Optimizes the technical aspect of the websites for search engines
  • Perform keyword-research to understand audience demand on search
  • Performs ongoing analysis of the website, competition and the market to improve the performance of a website on search.
  • Optimizes pages of a website to rank higher on search engines.
  • Works with content marketers and outreach team to produce the content and links needed to improve search performance of a website.
  • Uses tools, data and perform technical tasks to find opportunities and optimize websites for search.


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