External Audit

Job Description

External Audit Committee Member

About Us: The Audit Committee plays a pivotal role in upholding the highest standards of governance and financial integrity. We are entrusted with the responsibility of providing independent oversight of audit, assurance, and reporting functions. The fundamental objective of the Audit Committee is to furnish the Board of Directors with autonomous assurance concerning the adequacy of controls, risk management, and the broader control environment. Our purview extends to the scrutiny of risk management and control frameworks, vigilant monitoring of financial reporting, and meticulous oversight of annual governance processes.

Position Overview: In alignment with industry best practices, we are seeking a distinguished external member to fortify our esteemed Internal Audit Committee. The chosen candidate will be a crucial advisory asset to the Committee.

Responsibilities: As the designated external member of the Internal Audit Committee, your prerogatives encompass:

  • Exercising vigilant oversight over all systems, controls, and processes that bear an impact on our organization’s ability to realize its visionary objectives and fulfill its strategic obligations.
  • Serving as an unimpeachable wellspring of support for the Council’s Audit Committee, proffering incisive scrutiny of received reports and information.
  • Collaborating actively to augment the credibility and impartiality of both internal and external financial reporting, ensconcing compliance with legal statutes and regulations, and steadfastly adhering to preeminent best practices.
  • Receiving comprehensive reports from the Head of Internal Auditor, and where requisite, invoking requests for supplementary reports to comprehensively assess the resilience of our internal control mechanisms and the confluence of factors that predicate effective attainment of our corporate objectives.
  • Espousing and actively propagating the principles of exemplary governance, judicious risk management, and the optimization of internal control mechanisms in the realm of the Council’s service delivery and functional operations.
  • Ensuring the embodiment of robust audit functions, both internal and external; diligent observance of commensurate risk management protocols; and the assiduous cultivation of a robust internal control milieu.

Terms of Appointment:

  • In the capacity of an autonomous Audit Committee member, you will be expected to exhibit a consistent presence at a minimum of four (4) committee meetings per annum, typically convened at our corporate offices, and to lend counsel during ad hoc special sessions.
  • Committee appointments conventionally span a term of up to three years, subject to the possibility of extensions by equivalent periods, contingent upon the continued satisfaction of membership criteria.

Requirements: While we remain open to candidates manifesting diverse professional competencies, our preference is for the incumbent to embody the following attributes:

  • An illustrious career replete with senior-level acumen in business or financial management/reporting.
  • Proficiency in navigating the intricacies of financial and reporting prerequisites.
  • A demonstrated capacity to navigate nuanced situations with finesse and sagacity while upholding unwavering integrity.
  • Possession of superlative communication and listening aptitude, underscored by a proclivity for constructive challenge and an unwavering orientation toward improvement and tangible outcomes.

Application Process: Interested candidates are invited to submit a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV) alongside an intricately composed cover letter to hr@ipko.com Please ensure that your CV is appended with certified evidence of your qualifications. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Application Deadline: October 4th, 2023. Applicants who do not receive a response within six (6) weeks of the stipulated closing date are kindly requested to regard their application as unsuccessful. The Council reserves the prerogative to abstain from making any appointments.